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Time Signature Generator

I am the type of person who likes to attempt mapping songs with weird time signatures such as 7/8 or even 19/16. However, osu! doesn't support these kinds of time signatures, and it can be very annoying to spam the red lines in the editor. Also, because of rounding or whatever, the red lines get more inaccurate as you place them, so by the time you are at the end of the song, the red lines will be milliseconds off from the song! I created this small program to deal with that.

- Generate red lines for every measure ranging from a starting offset to an ending offset.
- Optionally, also generate green lines along with the red lines for stuff like slider velocity.
- The red lines shouldn't lose accuracy as the song goes on.
- Supports all time signatures!


Be sure to remove all the red lines before using this, cause it doesn't remove them.
You can post bugs / suggestions in the thread below.

Download (v1.1)

Run the .exe file after extracting the files.

v1.1 - Added the option to generate green lines in addition to the red lines.
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