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Jokes aside, congratulations mate, keep it up!
Coffee Hero
practice low ar hd and u good

alienflybot wrote:

practice low ar hd and u good
afb pls

alienflybot wrote:

practice low ar hd and u good
alien skill

Sharpy wrote:

Kiai time slightly reveals the fruits, that helps, and yes, you must imagine them falling, that's the way.
it's true. an addition from me:
you will getting used to play hidden if you always use hidden in every beatmaps you play....
Just like me... Now i'm hard to play if i'm not using hidden. :o

willia02 wrote:

Yes me too I have the same problem with you,can play flashlight but can't play hidden.I was feeling left out when all my friends can do that :(
that's weird....
Hidden is probably easier than flashlight....
I can't imagine how could you play flashlight in insane diff
It took me a few days to be able to play hidden and not miss anything. Even now I miss stuff now and then. My method is that I play the beatmap a few times so that I know where to move my catcher, and then I play hidden. So I know where I should move my catcher. Also, with hidden you have to be more careful and move a bit slower. Hidden makes me nervous sometimes xD. I can only play hidden on easy and normal ;-;.
Yukiteru Amano
Play HD non-stop NEVER turn it off no matter what. After a while you got It :)
HD is more of a memory game. Once you get more used to how the game works and how the catcher moves in relation to you controlling it, you'll be able to move the catcher accordingly and memorize how much you need to press the controls to make that distance. HD should become a lot more worthwhile for you to do once you get used to that and remember it. Because then you can just stream through a map and whatever wacky sliders or combos it may happen to present you with.
Mm I think that is a good explanation how hidden works
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