[Proposal] All featured artists in a song should be standardised in the Artist field

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Simple: If the song features an extra artist. It should be written in the Artist field, it just makes sense. Even if official sources states it in the Title

1: beatmapsets/126583#osu/322055
2: beatmapsets/743684#osu/1568261 did they forget to put (TV Size) in this map?
3: beatmapsets/1040690#osu/2176825

EDIT: I should have provided more recent examples so here:
(they are different songs but still should apply anyway)
4: beatmapsets/1554093#osu/3175126
5: beatmapsets/1546547#osu/3172209

The first and third one should be correct however the second one has the featured artist in its title yet all three of them being the exact same song

should be written something like
Artist-A feat. Artist-B - Song
Artist-A feat. Artist-B, Artist-C, Artist-D, etc - Song
rip ROUND TABLE feat. Nino
100% agree
sounds good to me

only worry is that some artists may be doing that as a style choice, or maybe there are cases where the feat. artists actually are supposed to be part of the title, idk I can't recall anywhere that this would be an issue but that might be something to watch out for
I don't think this is really necessary? It doesn't affect search much either way and following what's on sources is a simple copy, this doesn't seem to be causing issues as it is right to where it needs to be standardized. Feels like excess fluff that isn't really needed.
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