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Hello everyone! My name is Dusk and I just joined yesterday. I saw my big sis play this game some time ago and thought I should give it a try...since I can't find any good mmo's. I'm not in to rhythm games that much, but so far I'm loving osu! and I'm hoping the community is just as fun. I enjoy listening to rock, electronic, and good pop. As you can see from my avatar, I'm also a fan of Touhou and lolis.

Before I leave, can anyone give me any tips? My friends told me to keep practicing on songs I can't do, but that's not really helping. xD

Thank you for reading~ :)
Woo, another 'new' player - Welcome to Osu! ^^

Hope you enjoy this game as much as I am atm, and I'm sure some more experienced people here would be willing to give you some advice :)
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Hi Graaf. ^^
Hey there and welcome to Osu! ^_^ Dont worry, you'll get the hang of the game. : D I can help ya master Catch the Beat mode, but as for standard mode I can point you in the direction of another player named "Zalaria". Anyway be friendly and have fun ^_^ OH! And also, lets play a couple rounds sometime ^_^
Welcome to the community!
Welcome to the forums!^^
yo, welcome to the forums and have wonderful time with the game
as for tips, just play the game and slowly improve over time and dont be afraid to try new things with the game *added as friend*
Hi there and welcome to osu! and the community!
Much like most games, this just takes practice. Just play and don't get frustrated.
Feel free to message me anytime :)
Well hello Dusky, and welcome to osu! :D There are many ways to approach this game and improve your skills. I personally started with all the difficulties to find my footing (which was normals at the time). But I would say try the maps that challenge your limits, no matter what the difficulty is. Some might say go straight to the insane maps. Not everyone can play insanes like that. (I knew I couldn't) Say if normals are what you're struggling with, go with that and strive to pass those. And with time, you will be able to go even further into the harder maps ^^ (I'm at the point struggling with insane maps >.<)

Umm what else was I gonna say... curse my short-term memory >.< But I would be more than happy to help you! *adds to friends*
You can ask me if you need some helps :) and welcome.
Hi, Dusky!
Welcome to osu!
Yoroshiku~ :)
Hello Dusky and welcome to Osu! I added you so we could chat sometime :]

As for improving in osu!, what your friends said is true in my opinion. Personally I play songs I can't do (yet still enjoy its all about having fun, not struggling and getting frustrated) until I am getting further and further until I finish it even if it's ranked as C. xD But if it that way isn't working for you I'd say find some songs you enjoy listening too and play on the Normal or Easy difficulties and try reaching for A's. Then try then the next difficulty. Another thing about Osu! and I would say you should try is start getting used to using the x/z buttons on your keyboard for clicking instead of the mouse because it will help with the faster songs as you get better :).

Remember just always have fun in this game and I hope to see you in Osu! and watch you progress ^^
Yunia Anindya
welcome to the community~ :3
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