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So, I'm rather new to community here. Very new actually. I haven't really given much interest in the community due to the fact that I have a near biased opinion about everything where as in other forums I have been very active in spite of these things. Osu is a game I stumbled upon recently. The story goes as such. While on a different forum, a friend notices a signature that I have from X anime and asks if I have ever looked into this game. Sure enough shortly fall in love with it and begin playing devoutly. (Seriously. I think I'm addicted, do you have a help hotline.) Anywho, While lurking #Osu and never saying much, I find someone that said something interesting and eventually talk to them for a while.

This actually continues for quite a while. He's a generally nice guy and we share some common interests. So after being busy for a few days to the point to where I can't log on, I finally manage to get the time to at least log on today. He decided to donate and earn a supporter tag. (I completely support this, as for me with a two year old daughter named Abigail with the Osu user https://osu.ppy.sh/u/Lorabby, and the fact that I am going back to school for medicine practice I don't have the money to even shed a dime towards any luxuries.) However in spite of this, after he became aware of this, be purchased a tag for me.

So, for me being poor, and for the generous kindness of https://osu.ppy.sh/u/2720683, Ezekeial, I would like to thank you in the most formal way possible, by letting the community know what a generous person you are, and a great friend. I can't really ask for more via internet.

Inb4 people message you begging, or anything of that nature. To show my dedication to you and to this game. I will be starting a 6 hour constant stream of my low PP trash playing and attempts, if for nothing else than your amusement. x)

So thanks... thanks a ton. One day I'm sure I can return the favor.

Twitch @ Violetmelody.

You can do nice things for people that don't involve money you know
You're welcome man, I'm just glad as to how much gratitude you've actually shown, you're a great friends and I'm always happy to help out friends.

Jarby wrote:

You can do nice things for people that don't involve money you know
And he's already done nice things for me, he's helped me plenty of times so I saw no trouble in helping him out as payback, that's how the world works.
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