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what is it
Manip is a blanket term for tech that involves approximating motions to hit patterns. for example- hitting rolly jumpstreams as jumptrills, longjacking 1handed trills, playing 8th-12th polyrhythms as 16ths, etc.
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Pattern Manipulation or Manip, is a technique that makes hitting patterns easier. First we have to know how manip is done. Manip usually is done with Jumptrills. A jump is 2 at the same time (for ex. 12). And trilling is when you alternate between two columns. So a jumptrill would be like: (12 34 12 34...).(Alternating between two pairs of columns) Here's an example: beatmapsets/1147724#mania/2396538 So if you saw a stream that goes 1 2 3 4 and you cant move your fingers that fast, you just do 12 34. This works on basically all patterns like two/one hand trills, normal trills, streams, handstreams, jumpstreams, tech, or maybe even jacks if you're good enough at it. Now, manipping basically means "jumptrilling" a pattern. It mostly is like that. If you play really hard maps it is better while jumptrilling to also control it by not only jumptrilling, but pressing 3 notes at the same time or quads. This sounds complicated, but this is for the hard stuff. For the easier side, manip is basically jumptrilling a pattern. Take the map example i mentioned and just do whatever that is onto a pattern. Hope this helps.
manip = "cheating" the pattern by hitting it not as you supposed to, not much else to say.
jumptrilling rolls, or hitting a onehand trill as a jumpjack is probably the most basic manip. and even though you can't always hit them or other patterns properly because of bpm, I'd recommend focusing on the files/rates that you actually can hit properly at least for the most part, because by manipulating all the time you don't really develop anything besides, well, manipulation skill. your technical skill (which is roughly acc and stability) would be much better from playing properly.
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