[Refs Needed] Elitiri Cup Summer 2021 [1v1] [1k-10k|10k-50k|50k-100k|100k+]

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Welcome to the forum post for the third iteration of the Elitiri Cup tournament!

The tournament is for osu!standard only.
The tournament format is 1v1.
The tournament is based on Map Submissons.
The scoring system is ScoreV2.

Joining the Discord server and assigning yourself the "Elitiri Cup" role in #!-choose-access (can be found in the "▪ The Plant Organization ▪" category) is required for each player.

Top Bracket: 1k - 9.999 BWS
Middle Bracket: 10k - 49.999 BWS
Lower Bracket: 50k - 99.999 BWS
Beginner Bracket: 100k+ BWS

As a Player [REGS ARE OVER]

1. Message the discord bot (Elitebotix#4152) with e!osu-link <osu username> to let the bot message you ingame to connect and verify your account.

2. Follow the instructions given by the bot to verify the connection next.

3. As soon as you verified that the linked osu! account is yours you can use e!osu-elitiri-cup register <lower SR between 0-10> <upper SR between 0-10>. Replace the last two arguments with the Star Rating you'd like the pool to have.

4. Set your availabilities with e!osu-elitiri-cup availability xx-xx xx-xx
(Example: e!osu-elitiri-cup availability 14-21 (Saturday) 16-20 (Sunday) Please provide all times in UTC)

Note: The bot will automatically update your bracket. That means you will have to be in your desired bracket at the end of registrations or else you might get removed or will have to play in a different bracket.

As Staff

Simply fill out this form
Everyone from staff can participate. Welcome to the team!

Mappools will be created through player submissions before the playing stage and after the registration period.
Limiting factors:
Drain Time: NM,HD,HR,DT (after recalculations),FM: 2:10-4:30
Circle Size: FM maps may not exceed the circle size of 5 when played NoMod
Quantity: Every player may submit only 1 map per Mod-Pool.
Players are not allowed to submit the same map twice.
Map status: Ranked/Approved -> Allowed (except Aspire maps)

A poll for each Bracket where the players decide the limits of star rating will be created during the tournament registrations.
The pool will consist of the following mods:

Mappools will be released prior to each stage.
TieBreakers will be decided by staff.

Difficulty Progression:

Submitted maps are going to be sorted by difficulty.
The X easiest maps are going to be eligible for the qualifier pool.
The Y second easiest maps (not including X's) are going to be eligible for the second pool.
This system goes on until no maps are left. (Grand Finals).
X and Y are determined by the amount of players.

Finalized pools will be decided by randomly picking maps out of the difficulty groups resulting in unconventional mappools.

Qualifiers will consist of 10 maps (4 NM, 2 HD, 2 HR, 2 DT).

The maps will get randomly chosen from the player's submitted maps which are not in the pool for the 1v1 stage.

The pool will be played in a multiplayer-lobby. The scores on each map will be compared to the other players' scores resulting in points relative to the placing on the map. The 32 players with the lowest sum of all 5 points (for each map) will advance to the next stage.

Maps will be started after 2 minutes. If a player is not in the lobby at his scheduled time he may join later but he won't be able to replay or reschedule for maps that are already over.

If a player disconnects during the map he may submit a screenshot of his score.

- Matches will be scheduled and will only be played with a Referee.

- Players will be invited 10 minutes earlier into the lobby and the match may start when both players joined.

- Both players may pick a warmup (Maximum length 5:30). The order for warmups is not specified.

- When the Referee asks the players to roll both players will type !roll. The first roll after the referee's message will count.
The player with the highest roll will decide to Ban First and Pick First or to Ban Second and Pick second.

- Each player has to ban the to the round assigned amount of maps. (For more information: "Best ofs")

- Picks will be alternating. You are not allowed to pick from the same mod pool twice in a row. (NoMod counts as a Mod!)

- Allowed mods for FreeMod are: HD,HR,FL,EZ.
You need to pick at least one mod from the list above but you are allowed to take any combination out of those 4 mods.

- If a player disconnects he may submit a screenshot of the score he got from the round when he disconnected.

- If a player disconnects but can't submit a screenshot of the score the opponent may choose to replay or to get the win. A map can only be replayed once in the whole match (for each player). There will be no replays in qualifiers.

Each brackets qualifier results will determine the seeding for the Elimination stage.
The best placed player will play against the worst placed player; the second best placed player will play against the second worst placed player; and so on.

Ro32: Bo7 onwards (1 Ban)
Ro16: Bo7 onwards (1 Ban)
Quarterfinals: Bo9 onwards (2 Bans)
Semi-finals: Bo9 onwards (2 Bans)
Finals: Bo11 onwards (2 Bans)
Grand Finals: Bo13 (2 Bans)

#1: 2 Months of osu! Supporter + Unofficial osu! Profile Banner + "Tournament Winner" Discord Rank + Not seperately visible Discord Rank

#2: 1 Month of osu! Supporter + Unofficial osu! Profile Banner + Not seperately visible Discord Rank

#3: Unofficial osu! Profile Banner + Not seperately visible Discord Rank

Team vs. (one player per team)
NF will be enabled.
Double Elimination (Bracket reset if the player from losers bracket wins the first set of Grand Finals)
The Tournament will be multiple days/weeks long
Scoring system is Scorev2
Alexa UwU
The time has come 😎
Joon Yorigami
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Bumping :3
Let's get this stuff started yo
Brown Guy 2
Will the pool vote apply for the rank range I'm in now or after signups close?

Squink wrote:

Will the pool vote apply for the rank range I'm in now or after signups close?
Mappool suggestions will be opened right after signups, brackets will freeze at the same time, so there is no way for you to vote for the different bracket
Alexa UwU
Like I like Roddy
he is:
Roddy is my love

Alexa UwU wrote:

Like I like Roddy
he is:
Roddy is my love
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Regs are over!
Is this tournament staff badged?
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Kowozi wrote:

Is this tournament staff badged?
No, the staff isn't badged
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