UVERworld - D-technoLife(Album Version)

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Here is my third beatmap :D

So far it only comes with Normal/Hard/Insane difficulties, and no video yet.
I plan to have a video version soon, and also an easy difficulty.
So, let me know what you think while I sleep.

UVERworld - D-technoLife(Album Version)
Uploaded using the osu! upload script.
Lumino awesomeness! 8-)

Great work as always! Here are some little things I managed to pick up (between vainly trying to pass the insane map :mrgreen: ) which may make them even better:

- Just before the second break, I don't think that spinner is necessary. If you delete it, the break starts at the start of the verse, which is consistent with the first break. IMO that seems to suit the song more.

- The beginning of the song is really hard; I think it's due to the fact that the song is so soft, so I can't sync the beats with the clicks. I don't think there's anything that can be done about this though.

- The timing for the beginning seems to be different from the rest of the song. Maybe it's worth adding a timing point to sync the notes for that section, then a different timing for the remainder.

Back to failing insane! :cry:
I only had time to play through normal this morning. Have to say that you really improved it since the last version I played. Will have to have a longer play through tonight :)
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Discovered (probably because I'm more awake now) that the offset was behind a bit for basically the whole song, so I've changed that.
You're right eyup about the spinner before the second break, it's now removed.
Also right about having more timing points, I only put new timing points in on Normal difficulty as I changed the beginning to be easier. I also tweaked a little bit so other parts on Normal are a tad bit easier.
Probably won't make an easy difficulty, song is to fast and upbeat IMO.
Last of all, I totally forgot about the volume of the beats dominating the start of the song, I have my effects volume down a little bit. :)

.osz file has been updated, and here are the updated .osu files to save some bandwidth.

Download: UVERworld - D-tecnoLife(Album Version).rar
I was just thinking, if you're going to implement storyboard, what happens with the Normal one? Are you planning an abbreviated story?

I must say, this really is one from the very top drawer. Composition, structure, difficulties, everything. Can't recommend highly enough! It feels like it belongs in Ouendan 3 or something :D
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:D Thanks for your feedback! Very much appreciated!

I haven't actually given much thought on storyboards, but I guess we shall see when the feature is properly implemented.
Well I guess I'm thinking very far ahead, but if and when you want to implement storyboard on this song, it'll be a bit strange because Normal is shorter than Hard and Insane (2 breaks instead of 3). As far as I know, all EBA songs have the same length and number of "checkpoints" or breaks. Should be the same in Ouendan, I would have thought.

Taking this far sighted view, it might be worth extending the Normal mode to the end?
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If I were to think that far ahead? Yeah, I would definitely extend Normal to the full length and have 3 breaks to keep with the Ouendan style.
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