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I have been playing for nearly a week now, I use the default skin. I watched some yt videos and they all said to get a good skin. What do skins do, and do I need one?
If so, what is a good skin and how do I apply it?
It would be recommended to have a skin. Default skin is pretty unplayable during hard beatmaps.

Skins make your gameplay more styled. Meaning it can change hitsounds, hitcircles, approach circles, spinners (default sucks tbh), etc. and even the other 3 gamemodes.

I don't have an recommended skins for you, but a clean skin like YUGEN is good enough.
To apply it, download the .osk file, and then just click on it! Simple as that!
Hi! Welcome on your first step of finding a skin. Yes, in fact people do always use various skins range from osu!standard to osu!mania. Some skins help you to play it comfortably so I too suggest you need some skins.

My top pick would be these two:

Reason: These skins have all 4 modes that are skinned and they are very simplistic.


Once you download, you will notice it is a pink file called .osk file. This one is simple, just click on it and your skin is loaded into the game.


If it is a Winrar or any compressed files, first go to "open skin folder" in the settings. Go back to 'Skin" in your folder and drag the compressed files over there. Unzip it and remove the compressed files.
Note: Be sure to check that folder you unzip it is all the skin elements once you open it.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
Default skin absolutely unreadable, change it to something else. - one of good sites.
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