[STD 1v1] Aetherian’s Summer Singles | 10k-40k BWS [Player Registrations Closed]

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This is a 1v1 osu! standard single elimination tournament
Rank range for this tournament is 10000-40000, there is no rank buffer
If you are not in the rank range when the registration ends, you will be disqualified from the tournament.
BWS will be enforced on this tournament
The BWS format we will be using is BWS = rank^(0.99^(badges^2))
This tournament will NOT be badged
All participants must join the tournament discord and change their nicknames to their osu! username
All times will be in UTC (Universal Coordinated Time)

Matches starting from RO32 and so on will be played with ScoreV2, Team VS and NF will be enforced
Any sort of disrespect towards your assigned referee and/or opponent WILL NOT be tolerated
If you're 5 minutes late from your match -> you will lose the roll. If you're 10 minutes late from your match -> you will lose the match
If you disconnect from a match due technical difficulties in the first 30 seconds into the map, the map can be replayed. You have 1 replay possibility per match
To decide pick and ban order, players will use !roll command. Winner of the roll will then decide either pick order or ban order. The loser of roll will then decide the remaining order
You are allowed to choose 1 warm up map per match starting from RO32, max length for warm up is 4 minutes
Final/3rd place match has 3 Tiebreaker maps, in case of tiebreaker both players will ban 1 tiebreaker by DMing the referee and the TB that wasn't banned will be played. In case where both player ban the same map, referee will use (!roll 2) to decide the tiebreaker.
RO64, RO32 & RO16 matches will be BO9
QF & SF matches will be BO11
Final match will be BO13
Players will have 1 ban for every stage of the tournament except Finals will have 2 bans, players can’t ban from the same mod pool (except NM)
Pools format

Qualifiers will last one weekend
There will be multiple lobbies and you can sign up to whichever you want to
If you miss the lobby you signed up for, you can reschedule to an upcoming lobby BUT if you miss your lobby twice, you will be disqualified
If you are late (max 10 mins) from the lobby you signed up for, you can replay the maps you missed, after all the maps have been played
Qualifiers will use ScoreV2, No Fail and Head-to-Head
Top 32 players will advance from qualifiers to RO32 and will be seeded according to their performance in the qualifiers, (#1 vs #32, #2 vs 31, etc.)
Players will have only 1 play through of the qualifier pool

Registration Starts 30th April
Registration Ends 21st May 18 UTC
Qualifiers - 28th-30th May
RO64 - 4th-6th June
RO32 - 11th-13th June
RO16 - 18th-20th
QF - 25th-27th June
SF - 2nd-4th July
F - 11th-13th July

Dates may change if something very important comes up

1st place - 2 months of osu!supporter & profile banner
2nd place - 1 month of osu!supporter & profile banner
3rd place - profile banner

Looking for more staff!
If you’re interested in helping with this tournament as staff, contact @Aetherian#6664 on discord
You don’t need any experience as long as you’re willing to help and learn

A.S.S. is great. We all love A.S.S.
This tourney is ass
always ready for some ASS action!
Big Brayn
Acronym was used last year :oooooohhhh: community/forums/topics/1102290
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Otaku_Uzumaki wrote:

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prize pool increased!

Big Brayn wrote:

Acronym was used last year :oooooohhhh: community/forums/topics/1102290
ass: now with aetherian!
finally found a tournament that isnt one day nice
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finally found a tournament that isnt one day nice
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