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This is my first Beatmap, I would like some constructive criticism if there is anything I can improve.

Marta -The SMRPG Song

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Hi Level-Up and welcome to the boards.

You will need to post the osz file - you only posted the .osu which will not have the mp3 associated with your beatmap.

To create an osz file, go into the osu! editor and choose
File > Package for Distribution..

Save this to a file and then upload using this uploader, and link in your original post.

Can't wait to try your beatmap!
Just to inform you - there was a problem with one of the characters in that filename. I guess I'll need to look into that. I renamed it for you and linked in your first post!
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Oh, thanks!

The timing is a bit out - I have fixed this for you (see attachment). However, I'm not really sure where some of the notes go, so you need to go through and check and move some of the notes/sliders to their correct timings. At the moment there are some notes that feel really out of place. Shouldn't take long for you to sort out though!

To avoid these problems in the future, try and get your timing absolutely correct before putting in any notes (I know it's tempting... :mrgreen: ). Tap out a BPM near the beginning, then scroll to near the end of the song and see if the timing is still reasonable. If it isn't, you need to reset and try tapping again. If it is, all you need to do is fine tune the BPM and offset until the ticking perfectly coincides with the beats of the song. If the BPM is very close to a whole number, then it is probably that whole number - you can manually enter this using Timing-->Manual BPM/Offset Entry. Read the Beatmap Making Guide for more tips on getting timing right.

Other than that, the map seems fine. Interesting song choice ;)

Keep up the good work!

Download: Märta - The SMRPG Song (Level-Up) [Normal].osu
Thanks eyups for the timing fix, I have fixed a few things:
-Where new combo begins (usually best to do this when a new beat comes in)
-Slider positioning and lengths to suit
-Some button positions
Majority of the things were great. Interesting music to play to.
Keep up the good work Level-Up! :)

I have repackaged this and have placed it on the official list and also the osu file for those who already have the mp3 as an attachment in the original post.

Please update - as this is the osu file that will be used in rankings.
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Oh thanks! Those were some things I couldn't get just right.
EDIT: I made two small changes, First some thing that was bothering me in Exor's rapping verse. And I snagged a screencap from this music video for the song as a background.
Uh, you're a little late.
Yeah, beautiful!
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