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jockeytiyan wrote:

Long time no see, Shin. Hiya

*kicks* !?


- BG's size is at 1024 x 640 instead of 1024 x 768. I'm not sure if it's acceptable but I'd rather play safe if I were you. :PKeeping this unless forced! (widescreen bg)
- IMO, putting on the letterbox during breaks look better. I don't even remember when I removed that, but sure.
- Question: why use the default hitsounds as custom hitsounds? Were they modified in some way? Cuz people use skins and they have their own hitsounds, I prefer forcing default hitsounds without forcing default skin as a whole.


01:20:527 (1,2,3) - I think doing a blanket combo for (2,3) disrupts the flow of this part but the problem comes with how (1) is curved where the direction should flow better to (2) when it's straight. I'll suggest either straightening (1) towards (2) by deleting the second slider point or repositioning (2) like this and then stacking (4) over 01:22:927 (1).I couldn't see the difference in your picture and how it is, so I just removed the slider point (made (1) straight)


- I suggest decreasing the stack leniency to 6 (from original 7) because 01:05:784 (6) sometimes threw me off as it felt like it wasn't stacked with 01:05:098 (4) at all. I didn't notice the problem, but I will comply
- Try upping the OD to +1 or +2. The window time is too forgiving for me. XD

01:06:469 (1,2,1,2,3) - This doesn't feel like it warrants 2 new combos. I suggest making them just 1. Hope no one complains 1-2 is stacked and 3 should be new combo now!
01:20:012 (1,2,3,1,2) - ^ and instead move the new combo to 01:21:212 (3). Nah, I nc'ed for the vocal
01:22:927 (1,2) - New combo not needed, IMO. You may ought to move it to 01:22:755 (8) instead. Denied for the drums
01:27:555 (6,7,8) - I think this part needs more notes to keep the rhythm consistent. Or maybe it's just me... I know what you mean, but I just decided to slow down here, don't ask why, that's just how I map... =A=;


Oh god why is this diff patterned to the modern Insane settings??? @_________________________@ ? you mean the diff settings or patterns? if settings, its due to prior mods~ (and somehow its still very playable for me...)
- Please adjust either the OD or the HP Drain to -1. The map's already too uptight with the AR. I already comment to why I won't do this in prior mod.

I really want to say more but this doesn't feel like it was made by you at all. I lost my motivation to mod it :S ;_;!?

Oh god I made nazi mods for the first time :( I feel sullied... *shivers* first time? ...huh?

Frostmourne wrote:

12 star+ , and I think this mapset fits the rule in these days still :)\(o.o)/ I have enough now!

- Please change from 0,0,"yu.jpg",1,1 to 0,0,"yu.jpg",0,0 through .osu file in every diffs since it used to be a bug that it's now fixed. What does that change though? O_O? (fixed...?)

01:18:470 (1) - finish head for better impact since it's the first note after a break. Good catch, I missed that.
02:20:527 (4) - maybe you can move right 1 grid to fit the spacing better. I'm not sure which grid size you're looking at, but yea - moved

02:35:098 (1) - finish head ? something like 02:13:155 (1) - Hmm... the actual place the finish sound should be is in the middle of both of those sliders, but its hard to tell in the mist of playing, so added~
02:37:841 (1,2) - Do you mind swapping this note based on rhythm? because when the slider actually starts on 02:37:841 and end at 02:38:184 , it can follow the vocal for this point better in my opinion Seeing as this part is the only one different from the rest around this section... I have no argument to keep it (could say I just wanted something different), so I'll just change this around.

01:42:470 (7) - actually it's fine but I would avoid touching the right border for this slider
01:52:412 (4,5) - somewhat like I mentioned on the hard diff, I think 01:52:584 is the point that should be a note because vocal is a bit necessary here imo.
Denied, I tried my best not to listen to vocal at all while mapping Insane, if any notes follow vocal, its just coincidence that music is there too! (Though I have no right to say that exactly since I'm not the artist)

Please map more D: O.o Link me songs, I'm very picky.

~ Thank you for your time.

Shinxyn wrote:

- Please change from 0,0,"yu.jpg",1,1 to 0,0,"yu.jpg",0,0 through .osu file in every diffs since it used to be a bug that it's now fixed. What does that change though? O_O? (fixed...?)

go-go-go Shinxyn!
hi Shinxyn, nice job!
goooood jooob, shinxyn ;wwwww;
WOWOWOW Shinxyn map by years >< grats ^^

Frostmourne wrote:

You are best mapper all the time ;_;
Welcome back and Congrats! :D
i've been waiting for this song to be ranked! good job! >w<
Wow. That was unexpected.

Cool. Can't wait to look at this.
OMG Yes Shin 1st rank in like 2-3 years \o/

congratz on the rank <3
3 mods and rank! Wow! :) <3 wb Shin! XD
Shinxyn. <3
Always good patterns, gratz
holy crap! shinx is back?
holy crap

Natteke wrote:

holy crap! shinx is back?
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