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Hey, so I want to ask about mouse grip. I always use this grip to use my mouse, I never changed to anything because its comfortable.
BUT, when I play osu, it become SOOOOOOOOOO UNCOMFORTABLE. Not just uncomfortable, but VERY UNCOMFORTABLE

And because its so uncomfortable, I sometimes can hit 6* 1-2s and sometimes the mouse just hit the back of my palm. And that made it so hard to aim something that's low. Any help? I've tried taking 1 day break, doesn't work.

Try different grips, play easier maps and/or try out different mapping style maps (like streams, tech etc.).
Personally, i raise my entire arm a little bit higher to avoid from it hitting my palm
Molly Sandera
I'm not sure what I'm exactly doing, but i assume i use wrist and fingers to aim. I often grip with small variations of claw grip. You can try to grip from far back of the mouse instead of it being close to your palm, I've noticed I've preferred having the mouse farther from my palm(but not too far). For reference, i use 1250 dpi 1x on 1366x768 res
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