Splatoon 3's Reveal and Announcement

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What is your opinion on the announcement of Splatoon 3?

I'm hyped for it!
I'll buy it, but I won't play it much
It's okay
I'm not a huge fan of it
Nintendo, why?
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Splatoon 3's Reveal

(If you haven't seen the reveal trailer, here's the link here:

So, Splatoon 3 was announced a few days ago (more specifically, February 21st, 2021) and, personally, I'm pretty excited for the game, although it comes out next year, unfortunately. The thing I'm interested in, is the opinion of the announcement in the osu! community. I've played both Splatoon 1 and Splatoon 2 and enjoyed both games.

This poll will run for 5 days, so vote if you feel like it!

Also, if anyone wants to discuss Splatoon 3, use this post to do that!

(I do hope that the Splatoon 3 OST is as good as Splatoon 2's OST)

it is now, time for crab.

thank you for participating in crab time. you may leave now with the blessing of crab.

Was so hyped when It got announced. Pretty sure it caught the entire splatoon community by surprised considering we haven't really got much content aside from the splatfest re runs including the one we got in January. Apparently it's supposed to reflect what happened after the chaos vs Order (Post Apocalypse) which is interesting
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CatzerTM wrote:

Apparently it's supposed to reflect what happened after the chaos vs Order (Post Apocalypse) which is interesting
Yeah, that's what I thought at after watching the trailer for, I think the 4th or 5th time. If you look in the description of the reveal trailer from Nintendo, they do say "in the wake of chaos", so it seems that Splatfest had more importance than most players thought... Maybe they'll do something like that with Splatoon 3 after a few years of it's release?
Literally the only major thing that came out of the Direct. Hey, I'm part of the majority of Splatoon fans who thought Splatoon 3 would never come out on the same system as Splatoon 2, but I'm very happy to be wrong! After all the amazing cliffhangers Octo Expansion ended on, 2022 can't come soon enough!
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