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Just as the title says.
I was watching auto on a map and I was spamming my mouse buttons for fun. Auto missed. Happened more than once and on various maps, so I just took one map as an example:


Replay file: http://puu.sh/2qPYq/7401b16f91
^ the actual replay does not miss though, weird, however spamming during a replay does make a note go through as well, causing misses. This will actually affect the replay results as well, like it's a new play.

The reason auto got some 100s instead of misses in the above replay is because I was actually running auto at 2x speed so it probably had more leniency towards it, or I just got lucky and pressed the right color on the note (pressed rmb on a kat or a lmb on a don).

The interesting thing is that just sometimes the system allows a mouseclick every now and then (not all the time), and when it does, depending on what you click results happen. Sometimes you get a double don/kat, sometimes a 100 and sometimes a miss.

Nothing really major, so feel free to move this to low priority I guess (will leave it here for now).

Oh and be prepared to do A LOT of clicking to replicate (spamming lmb/rmb on very high intervals).

Just some additional information: Direct X was used, with unlimited framerate.

^ spamming clicks during the replay above.
I know this has been reported at some point....here we go!

That talks about mouse clicks counting during replays/auto on taiko, so will confirm that one. Might as well be low priority though.
(Let me know if there is any differences)
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