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hey you guys, what's up. i feel kinda odd making this post but i've been playing this game since 2017 and i've always wanted some friends on here and wanted to play multiplayer with people but honestly, this community scares me. due to some not-so-good experiences with players in the past, I've been back in my social anxiety shell for some time now.

just wanna make some friends and interact with people on here again. really don't know how this forum thing works since i don't use it often but comment if you wanna be friends? message my account?? idk

got a lot of interests and can talk about most things so let's be friends! and make friends with people in the comments (if this even gets any comments lol)
Read DM :)
Hey I also like twice do you want to be friends
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julianlikespigs wrote:

Hey I also like twice do you want to be friends
Of course! I'll message you :)
I love your Chuu profile picture :3

I'd love to be friends! My discord is Jaegii#1413 if you want to talk there, and if not osu dms is okay :)

edit: I noticed you play catch which is the gamemode I've wanted to learn for a while now, it looks like a lot of fun
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