Public's Taiko M4M queue.

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Disclaimer: I have not done a M4M queue for a while so if I seem off or slow, this is why.


  1. If you mod the diff provided, I am willing to mod 1 marathon diff, 2 normal-sized diffs or 3 tv-sized diffs.
  2. You must preferably mod first, after I have responded I will mod your map as soon as I can.
  3. I have intermediate modding ability and mapping knowledge so keep that it mind however I have modded songs that have later been ranked.
  4. Please use the provided template so that sorting maps to mod is easier for me <3
  5. beatmapsets/1345138#taiko/2785799


Name of map:
No. of diffs: (As stated above)
Additional comments:
Name of map: Driving Blare
Artist: Yamajet
Length: 1:34 (is this tv size??)
BPM: 172
No. of diffs: 3/2
Additional comments: the top diff is kinda techy and i think the muzu/oni might be kinda hard, mod whichever diffs you want
Link: beatmapsets/1330916#taiko/2757395
you should probably add a link part to your template lol
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Yes 1:34 is roughly TV-size meaning I will mod 3 diffs on the set, The link in the template is probably a good idea lol. I will get round to modding at some point in the next 24h.
If this is still open:

Name of map: Dream makers
Artist: ああああ 翡翠茶漬け
Length: 4:38
BPM: 195 (some variable bpm at start/end)
No. of diffs: 2
Additional comments: try to mod the top 2 diffs
Link: beatmapsets/1460162#taiko/3000311

I won't mod first because I'm not sure if the queue is open
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