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New build up with a week-and-a-bit worth of fixes and new features. Most noticeable will be tooltips in the general interface and editor, drag-drop support for adding beatmaps or new mp3 files for beatmapping, and a huge list of bugfixes (see the changelog for specific details).

Another addition is three new skins to the official list. Holiday by LuigiHann brings the Christmas season spirit to osu! with an immersive and vibrant skin. NES Classic by Level-Up! is another skin to bring pixelated sprites to the world of osu!, with all your favourite characters (and objects) from classic Nintendo games. Finally, The Wind Waker by awp is a fully hand-drawn skin based on the first cel-shaded Zelda title released on the gamecube. Good job by all of these artists! All these skins are available in the osu! updater (via the Extras >> button).

You may have noticed we are short on beatmap moderators. With about 2 semi-regular mods around, I end up pitching in a whole heap to keep up (struggling) with the inwards flow of beatmaps. There are maps on page 3 of the forums which are perfectly designed yet have no comments from mods! If anyone out there feels that they could dedicate some time towards the osu! community and become a respected member, please contact me or any other mod. IRC is the best way to do this (can be done via in-game chat too, remember ;)). All we ask is that you have a general idea of the guidelines for a ranked map submission, and that you have created at least one beatmap of substantial quality (doesn't have to be ranked, though).

Oh, and finally, for those of you that aren't aware, I will be heading to Japan for just over a month from mid-December to January. This won't really mean much to most of you - osu! development will still plod along at a similar speed to that which it has over the last few weeks. With a bit of luck, I'll finalise some of this storyboarding code and get it out to the public while I'm away! But if that fails, there will be the usual surprises and goodies popping up around the place :).
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