Is Gigabyte Aorus K1 Cherry mx Red any good for osu?

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so i want to buy a new keyboard, my first keyboard with cherry mx switches and i am leaning towards the gigabyte aorus k1 cherry mx but im not sure if its any good for osu ect. like keycaps and stuff like that

is where im going to get it from but i dont know if its any good for osu i will be greatful for any feedback
It'll serve just fine. It seems to have cheap generic ABS caps which in my experience are sticky and disgusting compared to eg custom PBTs, but for clicking circles fast that doesn't matter.
the switches are good, but the thing that kinda would tick it off there is the ABS keycaps as ive heard that PBT is better. but you do you ofc.
It's a fine keyboard but you can probably get better for the money. Also Cherry switches are not really the best option these days. They're generally considered scratchy and wiggly.
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