Linkin Park - What I've Done

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Here's my latest one, and the first from me to feature multiple difficulty levels.

Linkin Park - What I've Done

[Normal] is meant to be an above-average difficulty map. [Hard] is meant to be... hard.

Hope you enjoy playing these! I'd love some feedback :)

Wow - very nice =)
Hard-mode is insane! Normal mode is kool :)
Nice use of sliders to go with the elec guitar! And that zig-zag one was unique.

Good work as usual! Rapid fire at the end ftw :)
*Does homework while waiting*
Was there a video for this song? I can't remember.
[deleted user]
Oh snap I was going to step this for my topic :P oh well. I guess I'll pick another linkin park song. I'll be trying this soon!
I have the video clip if you want it
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@MCXD: Sorry T_T You can still make a map for it though! It won't be hard to eclipse my shabby effort

@Zet Netroc: I've got the video clip for it, in HD :mrgreen: Unfortunately widescreen shows up really poorly in the game - and there's lots of flicking to and from different scenes which is really distracting during gameplay, so I'm not going to include it. Thanks for the offer though!

You just need to re-encode the video at a standard resolution. Something around 704x396 will do fine in-game. Also make sure its not h264/x264 or anything that uses crazy amounts of cpu! XViD or DiVX are good options.
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Nah, I've tried - its starting resolution is way too weird. If it is cropped, it looks too zoomed in; if it's squashed, it looks REALLY bad because the aspect ratio is so big to begin with (like 2.2:1). I think it's best to leave it off.

File size was not an issue - only 23MB for DiVX'ed high def :D
Is it not just possible to add black bars to the top and bottom to fill the space to make up the aspect ratio/res?
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It is - however that would mean the video would only take up about half the screen, with the rest as black letterboxing...
For the record - osu! maintains aspect ratio at the moment - shrinking the video to fit horizontally.
Finally played it, such an awesome beatmap eyup!
Wow! good, I am also making a Linkin Park beatmap.
Their songs have nice rhythm.
Good work!

That's one of my favourites..
Great timing, great playability.

It goes on my TOP 5..
I can't play this map everytime i click Open this song it Fails the download is broken could someone fix it, and in chat there is no one listening.
yea, link is broken please some1 reupload it xD
The link here doesn't work, yeah, but for older maps the links in the thread nearly never do work actually.
If you want to download an older map, download from the listing :p
Here is the link to this beatmap's listing.
Yes Larto i know but if i Download it there i get a None map of 755 bytes it isn't the real thing please fix that :(
Could someone reupload the map please?
Download link fixed.
is the any chance somebody can re-upload this? i would really like to have this but it seems the link here and on the main page doesnt work for some reason.
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