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I been practising oni common patterns for a few weeks already, thanks to the pinned threads at the top that allows me to do so. I also made the patterns that weren't available such as kdddk and kkdkd and vice versa.

I have spend a bit daily on these and gotten ss and even 100% on them that at this point is already muscles memory. My problem is somehow, I have problem to put this in practice while playing actual ranked maps when the same patterns appear. I sometimes even lock and freeze when I see it, even though I was prepared for it.

Is this normal for some of you? How do you place what you practice into the real thing?
Problem could lie in predicting these patterns will come. It's better to not think about them as much because then you are waiting for that one pattern and tense up. It could also be with how you are reading maps. If you are staring at the hit circle you wont really be able to read the notes properly. So I would suggest looking toward the middle left of the screen.

The only way to really practice is to play maps around your skill level and a bit higher.Find a part with a pattern you struggle with and go into edit mode and practice that part of a song for a little bit. The next day you probably will get better at the pattern and get better at reading it. Freezing up happens to everyone when they don't comprehend what is going on in front of them at times.

Another thing I would suggest is since you are starting out, you should try to hit notes cleanly and really listen in on the song. One of the things i'm struggling with rn is hitting really long streams consistantly without starting to hit the buttons almost at the same time. A way to combat this is to shadowplay with autoplay mod on so you trick yourself into thinking you are hitting the notes at the right time, and you start to adjust to the autoplay rhythms.

A way to find maps around your skill level is to add Ayyeve and in a chat with the bot type !r
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I remember you on the last thread I made and I am really happy you replied again on this thread after a day of no response from anyone. I am really passionate about Taiko so I really want to go far in this game mode as I have clear Muzkishii very well now.

Yes, I do look to the middle or middle left, depending on the speed of the song. The slower it is, the more left I look.

I'll take on what you said and I try all of them and see which one works best like last time. Thank you so much again!
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