LNP's 4K osumania modding queue [NM/M4M/GD] (NM CLOSED)

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Welcome to my 4k osumania modding queue!

Rules :
  1. 4K only.
  2. Make sure your map is ready for mod (hitsounded or not is fine).
  3. Dont post same map twice.
  4. Duration song must be under 10min.
  5. M4M is Highest Priority, so if you want request M4M i will mod your map first (but if my mod is not helpful at all, you can think my mod as NM.)
  6. About GD, any genre song is fine. Leave some info what diff want to GD.
  7. Check my latest post before request a NM/M4M/GD.
Map for M4M:
Memme - Cherry Blossom

Format :
Link :
Diff(s) to mod :
Info (optional) :

some maps maybe i rejected, you can check my trello if your map on the list or not.
Hello LNP!

Request: NM
Artist - title: Emilia (CV: Takahashi Rie), Rem (CV: Minase Inori), Ram (CV: Murakawa Rie) - Re:lation
Link your map:
Info (about GD or something else): low diff , SB map , need some advice on it thank!
Hmm.. sepuh detected

Request (NM/M4M/GD) : NM
Artist - title : Mai Mizuhashi - Foundation of You (DJ Command mix)
Link your map : beatmapsets/587875
Info (about GD or something else) : patternnya mix jadul sama modern. ya semoga enak buat di mod

Thank youu!
hi owo, i came here for mod

Request: NM
Artist - Title: Hoshino Hinata - Yappari Mya-nee Number One
Link your map: beatmapsets/1235694
Info (about GD or something else): i state it as wip because hitsound. so all is ready to mod

thank youuuu

Request (NM/M4M/GD) : NM, mo m4m gas pm wae tapi q pake cara k d D K 3kg
Artist - title : Aether Realm - One Chosen by the Gods
Link your map : beatmapsets/1234461/discussion
Info (about GD or something else) : kalo mo cek sepertih dengerin lagu sampe rampung ojo tpi gpp , *ga entuk modder, wibus kabeh* , coba tengok strim 1/8 bkin jari meninggal gak *dimaenin pake HT biar kerasa ahgngn nomods mateks*


Request (NM/M4M/GD) : NM
Artist - title : fripSide - dual existence (TV Size)
Link your map : beatmapsets/1225280#mania/2557639
Info (about GD or something else) : GD by syadow-, paran, fresh chicken, Famoss
Thank you~

Request (NM/M4M/GD): NM
Artist - title: Silentroom - F1055
Link your map: beatmapsets/1230714#mania/2564138
Info (about GD or something else): HS and SV’s are wip, GD’s by Kano27 and PGSYT. It’s stream based btw. Feel free to mod any diff.


EDIT: don't mod Hard diff for now, it's to ease the load of the gd mapper, only do so when you had modded all diffs.

Request (NM/M4M/GD): NM
Artist - title : Camellia - feel my conscious
Link your map: beatmapsets/1211582#mania/2522069
Info (about GD or something else) : -

Request (NM/M4M/GD) : M4M
Artist - title : Nitro - [line:theta]
Link your map : beatmapsets/1218923#mania/2536090
Info (about GD or something else) : Heavy SV map
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NM Closed

M4M & GD Still open
Request (NM/M4M/GD) : M4M here
Artist - title : Kobaryo - Sugary Meteor
Link your map : beatmapsets/1222927
Info (about GD or something else) : complete set, ready for mod

Link : beatmapsets/1242120#mania/2598596
Diff(s) to mod : only one diff
Info (optional) : 5.28 sr, mainly streams and techs, some LNs, check my notes in modding page before moding pls

Thank you =v=
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