osu! Singapore Amateur Tournament [1v1] [25k-∞] (Powered by XP-Pen) (Signups OPEN)

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Note: We reserve the right to amend any of the provided information below without notice.

  1. This tournament is a 1v1, Scorev2, head-to-head osu!standard tournament.
  2. This tournament is only open to Singaporean players ranked 25,000 and below. All players must stay under rank 25,000 until signups are closed.
  3. Qualifiers will determine top 16 players to advance to single elimination knockout bracket.
  4. All times listed are in UTC+8.
  5. All players must join the Discord server, else, their registration will be void.

  1. A referee will make the lobby at least 5 minutes before the match and ping the players in the discord server about their match. Players should be online to receive their invites.
  2. There will be no warmups.
  3. Players will !roll to determine pick and ban order. The winner of the roll chooses either to ban first and pick second, or ban second and pick first
  4. If a player is not in the lobby by 10 minutes after the scheduled match start time, their opponent decides their bans for them.
  5. If a player is not in the lobby by 15 minutes after the scheduled match start time, they forfeit the match.
  6. Banned maps are effectively removed from the mappool for that match.
  7. Each player has 90 seconds to pick/ban a map. After a player picks a map, both players have 60 seconds to ready up for the map.
  8. NoFail will be enforced on every map.
  9. There is no dedicated Tiebreaker map in each pool. If a match would go to Tiebreaker, both players PM the referee one map to ban. The unbanned map is played if different maps are banned. If the same map is banned by both players, the referee will !roll 2 to determine the final map (1 corresponding to the higher unbanned map on the sheet).
  10. In the case of a genuine disconnection in the first 30 seconds of the map, the map may be replayed. This can only be used once in a match per player.
  1. The mappool will consist of 3 NoMod, 2 Hidden, 2 Hard Rock and 2 Double Time maps.
  2. Each player plays through the maps once, in order.
  3. Each player receives 1 point for each player they beat on each map. The top 16 point earners will qualify for the Round of 16.
  4. The single-elimination bracket will be seeded by qualifier results.
  1. Both rounds will share one mappool.
  2. The mappool will consist of 4 NoMod, 3 Hidden, 3 Hard Rock and 3 Double Time maps.
  3. Matches will be best of 9 (first to 5).
  4. Each player will have 1 ban.
  1. Both rounds will share one mappool.
  2. The mappool will consist of 5 NoMod, 4 Hidden, 4 Hard Rock and 4 Double Time maps.
  3. Matches will be best of 11 (first to 6).
  4. Each player will have 2 bans.

  1. Registrations End: 23 August 2020 2359h
  2. Qualifiers: 29-30 August 2020
  3. Ro16, Quarterfinals: 5-6 September 2020
  4. Semifinals, Finals: 12-13 September 2020

Most badged tournaments usually have a 1-2 week buffer to wait for screening results to return before the commencement of the tournament. However, due to the tight window of the tournament (being that it must be held during the September school holidays), we will seek approval to run the qualifiers even if screening results do not return by then.

If a player passes qualifiers and subsequently gets disqualified by the tournament staff, his position in the bracket stage will be replaced by the next highest qualifier (that passes screening).

1st place: XP-Pen Star G640S + profile badge (pending confirmation from staff) (preview coming soon)
Lucky draw*: XP-Pen Star G430S

We would like to thank XP-Pen for sponsoring the prizes of this tournament

*one random winner among all players that play all 9 maps of qualifiers and pass screening
bro I love osu
wow i must grind then
Eh siala
tfw too high now
ay shit time to die
let's go
I'm gonna totally get rekt but sounds interesting
Time to get destroyed by the 5 digits but yolo.
Im scared
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