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This question may seem a bit stupid to some or most of you, but...

how exactly does making a guest difficulty work? Do I just have to take the song, make my diff, give a download link/attachment in a post and the mapper decides if he uses it or not, or is the progress different?

Doing a Guest Difficulty is only making a difficulty for another person. After you're done, you give your difficulty to the mapper.
Usually you ask the mapper first if you make a guest diff. In this way you don't waste your time making a guest diff he doesn't want.
Then make it and let him see it. If he likes it and still wants it, he can add it to his mapset. If not... then sadly your guest diff didn't really go anywhere. You can try mapping your own mapset for the song or just leave the guest diff there to say for eternity xD
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Thanks : )
I think that a useful piece of advice would be to try to take cues from the mapper's style. That way, your guest difficulty would feel consistent within the set as a whole. Also, if they feel that something doesn't work in your map, then don't become too offended if they change it. After all, it's their map. See if you can match some of their hitsound patterns as well.
Hi.. It's a stupid question but how i can give the diff to the mapper ? >< Must I have to upload it on the site of osu or must i go to a site like mediafire for give the link after? Because I can't upload here (too many beatmaps unranked xD) Thanks ^^'
The best way to give your diff is to either upload it to a external website or post on the forums using a spoilerbox
Sword Hunter
Thanks, all of you!! spoilerbox, what's that?? And how to post it to external link, all i know it automaticly upload in the forum
In your forum post, type:

[spoilerbox]blah blah blah[/spoilerbox]

and it will come like this:

blah blah blah

So you can open the .osu file for your diff (in editor, go File -> Open .osu in Notepad) and just paste it into a spoilerbox and post it as a reply. The mapper can then copy that into Notepad and save it as a .osu file on his end and upload it into the mapset.
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hmmm still a bit confused, soo... you can turn beatmap into note that can be copy pasted by another mapper, and he can change that NOTE into osu! map, wow....
Sword Hunter
SOOO, what PART do I copy paste,
I already go to my diff map
file, "open in .osu! notepad" right?
then a new window apperear with a lot of strage text, which part i should copy paste?
Copy and paste all of it, since all of it is needed for someone to use a map (admittedly someone can reconstruct parts of it, but why give them so much trouble)
Sword Hunter
So, in forum i type exactly like this?
copy pasted material
Sword Hunter
wow! the text automaticly collapsed!!
I mean to type like (spoiler box) copy pasted materials (/spoiler box, but it suddenly turn like that.
SO the mapper only copy pasted from the collapsed text correct?
leon raunder

Sword Hunter wrote:

wow! the text automaticly collapsed!!
I mean to type like (spoiler box) copy pasted materials (/spoiler box, but it suddenly turn like that.
SO the mapper only copy pasted from the collapsed text correct?
When copying and pasting any long item, use

I'm making a collab and I want to put it in my beatmap but how to I do that? It won't work for me. I pasted their code in, saved all of it, exited out, then checked to see if it was there and it isn't. >:(:o
imaikiseta, send me what you have so far, and I'll see what you did wrong and give you the correct one.
how would you save the file as a .osu file, if youre the mapper taking a guest diff

nevermind i got it
Wow, I saw Nwolf having made this, and thinking it was a guide O.o
3 years old O.o
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