Will playing at 60hz (60fps) put a skillcap on myself?

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Hello everyone!

I have been playing osu!mania for a month now (so I am pretty new to mania), and am starting to have a hard time reading maps above 4.5* and have to strain my eyes to do this. I am on 60hz , as in title. Will upgrading to a 120hz+ monitor help? Or is it possible I can move further than 4.5* with only 60hz?

Thanks for reading and hopefully I can get some answers. :)
It would help in terms of making the game a little more smooth, but thats not going to do a lot in regards to skill cap. or at least, at 4.5 stars, you're nowhere near it yet.

That being said, if you have the disposable income, I'd definitely recommend a 120 or 144 hz monitor.
I know a 3 digit in osu standard that still uses a 60hz monitor.
Just make sure you have a good deal of frames.

60hz and 60 in-game fps are two different things.
i have 60hz and can read above 5* clearly, just modify your skin so its easier to see if thats your issue
As long as you can read the notes 60hz will not put a cap to your skill level.
60hz is plenty.

yetii wrote:

60hz is plenty.
6hz is plenty.

but yes 60hz is completely suitable as long as you can read it lol
60hz wont give you a skillcap, and if you never used 144hz before then it probably wont make much of a difference. that being said, 144hz would give you an edge over 60hz. i say upgrade if you wanna, but it's completely optional
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