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glad you like it ;3
That LOOKS AMAZING!!! 10/10 Love it <3<3

Thanks A lot :D
*Userpage & couple Ava if possible

Image Source:
Text content:
Dimensions: Im not really sure, i'll leave the size to you :)
Detailed/Simplistic work: it would be awesome if it's detailed ang appealing to eyes (not to dim or smth of sort)
Borders/Coloring: borderless, color err i'll leave it to your idea
Addons: and ill leave it to you again x) it would be good if there are some effects or things to add

*couple ava
Image Source:
Text Content: -Kon- (for the white haired grill), Kona (for the black haired one)
BG: transparent bg
Dimensions: I'll leave it to you (y)
Borders/Coloring: borderless, and ill leave the coloring to you~
Addons: ill leave it to you~

sorry for not being too specific x) i really dont know what i want, i'm expecting to see some magic (lol jk) anyways thanks in advance :)
hi miyu `^` im here for a siggy + avi !
* reposting sig from Aomi's thread since it got locked, i hope it's ok, been waiting quite a while.

✿ Signature
Image Source: here
Text Content: nothing holds me.
Dimensions: 400 x 154 or same as my current one (520 x 130)
Simplistic work
Borders/Coloring:: N/A unless it looks better with
Addons: I'll leave it to you!

Image Source: here
Text Content: N/A
BG: Yes
Dimensions: standard size(? i'll leave it to you!
Borders/Coloring: matching border if possible
Addons: N/A

hope these are ok, thank you!
Topic Starter
Chibi Maruko
Hi, Miyu

✿ Userpage
Image Source: nah
Text content: Welcome
Dimensions: Recommend size
Borders/Coloring: Normal borders only and brown border
Addons: Do your best put nice text

canceled,sry ;_;
Firis Mistlud
✿Collab Ava
Image Source:
Text Content: Yes:
Kurante (Left)
Riantra (Center)
Akitoshi (Right)
BG: I am not sure which "BG" you meant, i guess you can just use the original
Dimensions: 128x128
Borders/Coloring: I guess you can make backgrounds according their hair color
Addons: you desire :p
Note: The artist never mentioned who is who, but the only clue i can get that they're "Sana" "*nano" and "yuikonnu"

Judging from the order of the text, i think it's Sana on the left, nano on the center and yuikonnu on the right

✿ Userpage
Image Source:
Text content: Yes:
Riantra (Center)
Akitoshi (Right)
Dimensions: Leave it to you :p
Simplistic work
Borders/Coloring: green striped boarder?
Addons: Basically almost the same as the avatar req, however if possible, split the picture in three so i can link to the people's profile by clicking on one character

Topic Starter
i will work on the requests today guys ><!
✿ Userpage
Image Source:
Text Content: From left to right : rohen04, Reikokaz, Phil, Dualshock, [Kazuto], DerMaxter, Nya Nya Neko, Kyouko, LastExceed, Xenq, DieGrinseKatze, Nedeam, Feerum, - Bad Apple -, Dreamgate, Grahdens
Dimensions: 623x192
Borders/Coloring: i dont know?
Addons: i dont know too ..... can u think of something? Would be awesome
Disco Nunu
Hey, Miyu!

✿ Userpage
Image Source:
Text Content: Welcome to ThePhoenix's userpage
Dimensions: 623x192
Borders/Coloring: Red
Addons: It's ur choice :3

Hi Miyu!

Text: O8i35
Border Type: square

Thank you so much if you can do this!!!!!
Anoth3r IO
Hi ! I want a signature please ^-^

Image source : ... 9oem5v.jpg
Text content : I'll kill you
Dimensions : 650 x 150
Simplistic work
Borders : in red please
Addons: none

Thank you ^^
Signature pls~

Image Source: Here!
Text Content: I will no give up in here...
Dimensions: Normal dimensions signature
Detailed work
Borders/Coloring:: Up to you ^>^
Addons: no

Thank :D
Topic Starter
Hey guys sorry for being away the past few days,i have been getting ready for my flight which is tomorrow and i had some personal stuff to do in between,will you be okay if after tomorrow i work on your requests? i am flying really early and i need some time to pack and so on please if you don't want me to do your request anymore just let me know and when im done with flying i will work on everyone's request,who ever wants it .. i am so sorry for the hassle >< but i really need my irl stuff really done by today Q,Q!!! i hope you guys don't mind x.x
canceled :/
nyahalo Miyu~
i am new here and i saw your GFX looks really cool~
i would like to request a Userpage~ :)

✿ Userpage
Image Source: _(:3
Text Content: Welcome To My Userpage!
Dimensions: 623x192
Detailed/Simplistic work: i will leave it to you :3
Borders/Coloring: any is fine as long it suit to the BG~
Addons: hmm, not really sure how should it be, i will leave it to your idea~

have a safe journey!
no rush for these~
Image Source: ... 1920x1200/
Dimensions: 128x128
Borders/Coloring: Rounded ; if you can do the two girl i want the border to be pink in the side of the blue girl and vice versa , if you cant then just a pink border with the pink girl
Addons: i want the two girls into the avatar if its possible if not then just do with the pink one
If you dont like the image or thinks its bad quality then you can search for another if youre willing to of course, their names are Ram(pink hair) and Rem(blue hair) from Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu
That is all thanks for your work
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