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Hi again Miyu <3

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Image Link: ... 4.jpg?c=a1
Text/Phrase: I truly love TSUNDERES
Size: 580x150
Theme & varius colors you would like: I hope this helps ;w;
Borders: Yes
Special: Something that fits the phrase and also the image... This might help you :)
Yuina Hotaru
Hi Miyu~
Image Link:
Text/Phrase: Yuina Hotaru
Borders: yes
Special: up to you :3

thank you
mochi mochi, Miyu~ :3
been awhile since my last request (I guess)

▲ Userpage
Image Link : here
Text/Phrases : Welcome to satriobp's Userpage
Size : 622x192
Theme : Bluish or anything You think best (just to make It looks matching with My Userpage's theme :D )
Borders : Yes, Square border
Special : Up to You :3 .. maybe if You can? can You made a *.gif version of it where the text is flashing or something? that would be great. but if not, I don't mind either

Thanks in advance, I'll be waiting :D
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Hi :3

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Image: ... it-785.jpg
Text/Phrases: Neko's Userpage
Extra: just make it epic :3

Thanks o/
Wah Miyu! Things have changed and it's been 2 months but i'm glad to see you here working as hard as ever :'3
I come with siggy request, as usual~

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Image Link: Here!
Text/Phrase: ---
Size: 500x130 (Same as current one)
Theme & varius colors you would like: As long as it matches, anything. Maybe elegant?
Borders: Thin, regular border. If the color could match/or be plain black/ that would be great
Special: If you get any ideas, go for it!

Thank you!! Hope your having a lovely spring~~

Miyu wrote:

Completed/In progress requests for

Awesome work! thanks a lot Miyu
Hi :3

Text: Gokuhan
Background: No
Size: 128x128
Borders: yes
Special: Nothing :3


Miyu wrote:


Thank you very much! ^^
Seolhyun -
Image Link:
Text: Pred-
Background: Something that matches the picture would be awesome :p
Borders: yes, something that matches the picture, or a simple coloured border will do. (I trust your judgement)
Special: If you can, make it moe \:3/ if not then just leave it.

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Image Link:
Text/Phrase: Pred-
Theme & various colors you would like: Something that goes well with the picture (and maybe a soft blur? if it doesn't look good then leave it)
Borders: A simple border that fits the theme.
Special: If you want to try any ideas, go ahead. :P

▲ Userpage
Image Link:
Text/Phrases: Welcome to Preddie's userpage
Size: 620x210
Theme & varius colors you would like: Something that fits the picture.
Borders: A simple border that fits the theme.
Special: If you have any ideas, go for it! :p

Thanks!! have a nice day and sorry about the triple-request >w<
Hi Miyu,i like to request again for userpage banner :D


Text: CyberX Userpage

Size: 622x190

Borders:yes,maybe :3

Special: make it cool :D

Thanks a lot again Miyu :D,i like your edit
i'll wait for it :3
Image Link: *
Text: Kuroise
Background: In your hands.
Borders: In your hands.
Special: Your choice
E a g l e
Image link: ... -312515882
Text: Eagle
Background: In your hands, preferably something forest/leaflike.
Size: 128x128
Borders: Your call, you decide what looks the best :)
Special: If you want to colorcorrect it or whatever you can do so.
Thanks :D
Hii Miyu!
Userpage Banner
Image: ... long_hair-
Text/Phrases: 落胆
Size: banner size :)
Extra: Up to you.
Hi Miyu-san, I ask you again :3 ... 242979.jpg
Size: 832x315 (facebook timeline page :3)
Add big text: UMI - FANSUB !!
and smaller text under it: ~Đại dương Anime~
Color of them is blue/bright blue or pink/bright pink

Thank you again! :)
Topic Starter
Completed/In progress requests for

Happy osu-ing ! ~
Delays might occur i am really busy this week,i sincerely apologize

Brendan Senpai
Im sorry but you know that this image res is way to small,i always ask for decent resolutions so please change it

sorry for making you wait so long for an avatar
Yuina Hotaru

Delays might occur i am really busy this week,i sincerely apologize
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Image Link: ... th_HSR.png
Text/Phrase: 'Did you know? Love is dead'
Size: 560x115
Theme & varius colors you would like: Something that fits in that pic, probable red/purple? Well anything fits is ok
Borders: just a small border, any color as long as fits the picture lol
Special: up to you, make it cool :D

Thanks, Miyu. Love your edits <3
Oh.. I see. Sorry Miyu-san :3
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Image Link:
Text/Phrase: Aiko-Ren.
Size: 600 x 150
Theme & varius colors you would like: you can just use colors however you like.
Borders: yes.
Special: cold you please Pm me when it's done? ^^
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