What do I name an unnamed beatmap?

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"Unnamed" as in there literally isn't a title given. Can I just leave it blank, or do I have to put a filler in?
Serizawa Haruki
If you're talking about the song title, you should probably put "Unknown Title".
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Well I mean it doesn't even have a title, the video for it has a blank title.
leave it blank and see what happens
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ok thx
Uraomote Error
The music you want to map is from this channel right? If so, artist can be x0o0x_ (as in their Twitter account), or leave it blank, or just put "Unknown Artist" and put in the title as "Unknown Title" or leave it blank like this map. (or for sure, put a space instead of just leave it blank, I didn't try before so I don't know)
Wait, how can you find the name of a song if it's blank? That's a bit stupid
on osu!, that's what tags are for

in systems without tags, sucks to be the one searching lol
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