Any news about osu clans?

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I've searched this last year ago, and i'm surprised that there is already a suggestion, i'm wondering if they stopped the project or not, but I hope not since this will be a good thing to the osu community. So, any news about this project?
What is it about?
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MusicRitman wrote:

What is it about?
Take a look at this forum
Considering the development on the lazer client and the the new website, I'd say theres a lot of things to work on and clans is just one more checkmark on the huge todo list.
clans would be really fun, and a clan ladder seems even more fun, osu for me is more of a solo game, but I think teams would change this
Just like clans in any other games?
I don't think osu! is about it. There is no such competitive, just a game for fun.
If it's just about gaining ratings then idk, I don't think this is good idea for such game as osu!.
If it's about finding teams (like in E-sport) then it's good only for tournaments, but still not quite good idea...
i too would love clans implemented but yeah, it will take a while. a long while probably.
seems dead to me, people in my country join community discord servers and facebook groups
I don't see clans ever becoming a thing with peppy's attitude.

MyAngelHalfTime wrote:

I don't see clans ever becoming a thing with peppy's attitude.
well definitely not with this attitude.
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