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Xeno Silver
Heya there! I am Xeno Silver but I am usually called Sal by my internet friends. I've been introduced to Osu! by a friend of mine back in 2016 and have been playing on and off ever sense. I have never been much of a talker. Seriously my only post before this was me being an idiot and thought something was wrong with the website, when it was in fact my fault cause I forgot to log in before downloading some beat maps. I am only now posting something else cause I stumbled on something weird recently (actually weird, I hope). Earlier today I went on a beat map downloading spree and downloaded Say Goodbye by Krewella. When I clicked on it in Osu!, it showed I have played it on 1/16/2020. When in fact I've only downloaded it today. I'm just confused by this. I am sorry if there was a better place to post this but I didn't know where to go. (and I didn't want to repeat what happened last time.) I'm thinking it was a hacker, but I am not 100%. I don't know what answers I'm looking for, but if you have any, feel free to tell them to me while I change my password. (just in case)

Thanks in advance!

Xeno Silver

(That's how you end these things right?)
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