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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Sunday, 23 August 2009 at 10:05:43 AM

Artist: Queen
Title: Don't Stop Me Now
BPM: 155
Filesize: 16169kb
Play Time: 03:02
Difficulties Available:
  1. Breezin' (2.67 stars, 160 notes)
  2. Cruisin' (4.22 stars, 229 notes)
  3. Hard ROCK! (4.84 stars, 252 notes)
  4. Sweatin' (4.6 stars, 252 notes)

Download: Queen - Don't Stop Me Now
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
An effort to create an awesome psuedo-authentic map. A fun map to play :).

A few interesting facts:
This map took around 6 months for the team to finish.
This storyboard is over 1300 lines long. All of it was written by hand.
Around 5 new storyboarding/osu features were implemented to make this SB the best it could be.

This map/storyboard was inspired by this
http://www.idletheme.com/objection/view ... hp?sid=101
A crossover story between Phoenix Wright and Elite Beat Agents.
Read it to understand the whole story.

Thanks to (In Alphabetical Order)
Avie Kokyre - Original Art
awp, Rolled - Timing Help
Court-Records.net - Sprite Library
Luigihann - Dialog, Sprite Edits, SB Director, Coloring.
m980 - Beatmap, Storyboard, Sprite Extraction
mattyu007 - Recording this map and posting it onto Youtube.
MaxwellDemon - Sprite Edits
MetalMario201 - Hitsound Design
peppy - For osu, and implementing all those features.
Pyrasaur - Story
Queen - Music
Sinistro - SB (SFX)

Elite Beat Agents was created by iNiS.
Ace Attorney Series was created by Capcom.
For Breezin', I'd recommend slowing the sliders and having less hitcircles 1/2 apart.

For Cruisin', I'd also recommend slowing the sliders a little, along with the following:

00:36:100 (2): Move up 2 level-3 grid squares.
01:07:510 (3): 2 squares to the right. I know you're going for symmetry on 2 and 3 here, so try dragging both of them around using distance snapping after fixing 3 until you get the right position.
01:14:007 (1): I'd recommend bringing this down a little, considering how close it is to the previous circle time-wise.
01:15:727 (6): Up 1 square.
01:37:584 (2): Up 2 squares.
01:40:874 (1): Waaay too far distance-wise.
01:43:777 (1): This needs to come down 3 squares.
01:45:500 (1): Again, too far.
01:56:833 (1): Too far. This should be the same distance from the last circle as the previous bunch.
03:00:150 (2): Too far.

00:41:325 (8): Move down 2 squares.
01:07:510 (4): Up 2 squares.
01:08:465 (1): Left 1, down 1.
01:45:500 (1): Way, way, way too far.
01:56:833 (1): Move this to the same distance as the previous group.
02:38:134 (1): See above.

I know that you sacrificed a lot of the things I mentioned for symmetry/neatness's sake, but you can still use proper distance spacing and make it work by rearranging some things. Do the above, add some hitsounds, and this baby's ready for Pending.

The arrangement and slider curves on this are top-notch, so I'll give it a star.
I appreciate your feedback.

This won't be in pending for a looong time.

I found your post very naziish.
Try playing through the map, and tell me if you couldn't read any of the beats.

(Psst, i'm going for EBA feeling)

m980 wrote:

I found your post very naziish.
I learned it from you. :P

m980 reply without posting
Those nazi issues had to do with Authenticity and prettiness, not spacing.
I didn't have any form of confusion nor did I notice anything wrong on my playthroughs of each difficulty. Just saying, in reply to Behon's post.

Anyways, let's get on to tweaking this beast.

4th timing section (66,173):
Towards the end of it, I found notes falling a bit early. I think 156.9 is a good alternative.
5th timing section - move up 10 ms? (i think?) 96820

----k, once i got to the Don't Stop Me part I just started throwing timing sections everywhere. Discontinuing above method and just dumping .osu timing sections---

I've gotten 3, 6, and 7 100 runs on Hard Rock with this timing. I don't claim it to be perfect but I think it's an improvement. Feel free to tweak anything.
p.s. didnt star yet so you can add hitsounds and stuff on your own time without taking up priority space~
It seems that 02:37:39 (7) is a New Combo on Sweatin, but not on Hard Rock. It could be intentional, but it's odd how it's the only inconsistency (aside from the obviously intentional de-stacking of notes) between the two difficulties.

Edit: Here too, only the reverse: 02:46:59 (1)

Also, consider setting the PreviewTime in the .osu files to 66173.

Lastly, in all of the iNiS games, combo colours follow a yellow-green-blue-red order.


Mar. 10 Edit as to not whore kudosu:

All difficulties:
  1. *sees blue hitcircles* Nooo!! Here are the correct combo colours:
    (240, 160, 0)
    (0, 232, 24)
    (64, 96, 240)
    (240, 32, 0)

  1. 00:40:73 (4) - 00:40:73 (4) - Endpoint feels awkward. It would feel more natural if it was a 1/1 longer.
  2. 00:50:57 (5) - Also awkward. I'd make this into a circle-shaped slider centred around (3) with the same timing as the other difficulties. (This slider also overlaps (3) by one grid, which is an authentic no-no. :P)
  3. 01:44:36 (5) - Overlaps (3) by 1 grid. Also sounds better if lengthened by a 1/1. Be sure to correct your timing sections for the sounds.
  4. 01:56:42 (6,1) - Spacing. Authentic yes yes, but you can still space. I'd like to think of this map as something which could appear in a possible Elite Beat Agents 2, and iNiS have gotten progressively better with their spacing as they've progressed through the games.
  5. 02:01:21 (1) - This and all of the "Don't stop me" sliders just feel odd having their ends on the less emphasized beats, but nothing at all on the more emphatic beat, "stop."
  6. 02:42:76 (5,1) - Awfully cruel jump for Easy. .__.

  1. 00:40:93 (7) - Endpoint feels awkward. Would feel more natural if it was a 1/1 longer. I know it's as wide as the screen, but you can curve it or do other stuff. =3
  2. 01:13:24 (2,4) - (Red (2) and yellow (4) slider to clarify.) Breaks the iNiS "notes on top of notes" style guide. (4) appears onscreen before (2) has been hit.

Sweatin and Hard Rock are perfect.

PS. I caught the change: You put the Objection Sliders into Breezin and Cruisin. (I kinda liked the snap I had going on on the old versions' rebounds. =/)
*feels awkward posting anyway*

  1. Set all timing section volumes to 80%. (a few of them are 100% randomly)
  2. 00:41:31 (5) - Add a Finish to the start. Yeah goes on the end. (change the section at 0:41:51 to soft:c2)
  3. 00:50:57 (5) - Whistle/Finish on the start.
  4. 01:54:69 (3) - 1. Whistle; 2. Whistle/Clap; 3. Whistle

  1. Set all timing section volumes to 80%. (a few of them are 100% randomly)
  2. 00:41:31 (8) - Whistle/Finish on the start.
  3. 01:07:51 (3,1) - Spacing.
  4. 02:41:60 (3) - 1. Clap; 2. Whistle; 3. Finish/Clap
  5. 02:42:18 - Move this section to 2:42:472

The other difficulties appear unmodified in terms of rhythm.
This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
I love it
yeah what the fuck this needs some hardcore revival

Most of it is done.

Filesize is borderline to the recommended cap though DDD:

Enjoy. (No Ending, waiting for LH)
Weeeird. I'm getting bugs in the SB during gameplay, but when I check the editor everything looks fine

In-game I get flickering during the car animation in the intro, some flickering in the crowd animation later on, and Pathos, Phoenix's desk, and the whole sliding background disappear in the last break and section of the map. Very weird, because I checked all those spots in the editor and everything seems fine. Wonder if it's my graphics card freaking out from so much stuff going on

screenshots: http://up.ppy.sh/files/diosmio-weirdness.zip

Other than those oddities (which are presumably not m980's fault), this is coming out great. I'll write send you the ending soon.

Edit: lookat 'im wavin away

This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
Confirming take a look at THIS!

This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
Try and change the timing points (non-inheriting) on the 1st beat of a bar.
00:46:90 - this especially. will look bad in taiko if nothing else.
Probably one of the best osu maps of all time.
what he said ^

one of THE greatest maps that have ever hit osu
This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.

gdeath wrote:

great map!.i check your map seriously,but i can not find any problems.just perfect!
lol you even tried
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