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[GD REQUEST] | Instant Heaven feat. Eve (Short Ver.) [OPEN]

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This is now an updated post searching for anyone willing to do a [Hard] diff for this map (3-4*)

The majority of the difficulties have already received modding so we're hoping to wrap this all up soon! Information from the previous post has been copied here for those who may wonder about doing other difficulties.

YouTube Link for song: (For quick listen)
BPM: 185
Length: 1:47

The versions I'm looking for range from:
- Easy [CLOSED]
- normal [CLOSED]
- hard [CLOSED]
- insane (4*) [CLOSED]
- Expert (5.79*) [CLOSED]
- Extreme [CLOSED]

Extra difficulties are still options, but please contact me before creating a beatmap
All mapping styles are welcome.

I should be contactable:
- through game
- mood#3170 on discord (more reliable and quicker answer)

As long as your map meets the ranking criteria and shows good effort I shouldn't have a reason to deny it!

NOTE: Since this map is going for ranked, please expect to have to deal with modding feedback

Myself and all the GD's are open for any and all modding feedback! (Please be kind)

Please send your difficulty through MediaFire or discord

- mood__
Can I do it?
My discord is Mistharz#4964
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