[STD 15k-50k 1v1] Villoux Tournament #5 (BWS is enforced) (Closed)

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Welcome to Villoux's 5th Osu! Tournament.
Villoux's Discord Server -
Badge Weighting System (We are counting only acquired badges) -
(You must be on the Discord server to participate in the tournament!)

It is imperative that you read all of the information below before entering the tournament so you are familiar with the tournament regulations.

This is a 1v1 tournament for players within the 15k - 50k rank range. This tournament will take place over the span of a few weeks, with each surviving player playing one match per week.
We plan to accept 128 participants, the first 128 who registered and pass screening checks will be permitted to play and the remaining registrants will serve as substitutes. If less than 128 players register and pass screening checks, the necessary amount of byes will be awarded in the first round of the tournament. The scoring system used will be ScoreV2.
RO128 will be a best of 5, RO64 and RO32 will be a best of 7, RO16 and the quarterfinals will be a best of 9 and the semifinals and finals will be a best of 11.
Every match before the quarterfinals will be self-referred. After which, in every match (including the quarterfinals) a referee will be present.

Match Rules and Procedures:

Pre-quarterfinals, a private lobby will be created by one player and their opponent will be invited during the scheduled time.
Post-quarterfinals, a referee will create a match during the scheduled time and invite both participants
The match name must be in the format: OVT: (Player 1) vs (Player 2)
The match will use head to head and scorev2
Each player will roll. The lower roll will ban a map first, the higher roll will ban a map second.
The higher roll will pick a map first.
Each player may only ban one map.
A difficulty enhancing mod must be picked for maps in the freemod pool. You may pick multiple.
There is a 15 minute time period in which a match must take place. If a player fails to show up to its match within this timeframe without providing a reason ahead of time, they will be disqualified

Should a player lose connection before 20 seconds of a map has been played, they may reconnect within 10 minutes and replay the map.
If connection is lost after the 20-second mark, should the disparity between scores be greater than 10% of the lower score, if the player with the higher score is not the player that lost connection, they will win the match.
If the disparity in scores is less than 10% of the lower score or the player that lost connection was winning, the match must be replayed.
If they fail to reconnect within 10 minutes they will lose the map. They then have 5 more minutes to connect or they will lose the round as a whole.

Once the match has concluded, make sure to send me (Pancake#3133) the match details link which is sent upon joining the match! Along with the scores.
If you fail to do this, the match will be considered unplayed and will be ruled accordingly.

For more information about tournament regulations, refer to Villoux's Osu! Ordinance here -

If you need any assistance, you may contact me on Villoux's Discord Server (TheRealPancake#3133) or any member of the Osu! Department staff (they have bright pink roles on Discord).


Registrations will end on midnight (12:00AM CST), the 26th of January plus 1 week for screening

Matches will begin on the 8th of February. 08/02 - 09/02 will consist of the RO128 matches. Each subsequent round will be played on the weekends over the next few weeks. These matches will be scheduled by tournament staff on a timeslot based on the timezones of the players, however, you can reschedule your match by agreeing on a new time with your opponent and confirming the new time with tournament staff. If your opponent fails to respond to an attempt to reschedule a match within the suitable time or fails to show up at the scheduled time, he will lose the round automatically.

RO128 = 07/02 - 09/02
RO64 = 14/02 - 16/02
RO32 = 21/02 - 23/02
RO16 = 28/02 - 01/03
Quarterfinals = 06/03 - 08/03
Semifinals = 13/03 - 15/03
Finals = 20/03 - 22/03

Villoux's Osu! Department Staff:

Host: TheRealPancake (TheRealPancake#3133)
Mappoolers: Lefafel (Lefafel#4084) | Phox (phox#2332) | TheAleboy (Halevoi#6136) | Meow mix (Meow Mix#4235) | Kaeldori (Kaeldori (she)#3598)
Tournament Directors: tigereyes144 (tigereyes144#5062) | Damarsh (Damarsh#5402)
Tournament Master: P a t r i c k (Patrick The Rockstar#7505)

#Currently looking for referees, streamers and commentators. Send me a PM on discord.

In order to register, post a comment stating your username, rank, time zone and discord nick + tag and join the Villoux discord.

Name: TheRealPancake
Rank: #14000
Time zone : EST
Discord: TheRealPancake#3133

You may still register for the tournament if your rank exceeds but it is within 2,000 ranks of the minimum / maximum
If you exceed the rank limit after you have already registered for the tournament, you will not be penalised.

Again, make sure to join the discord server as more info and announcements regarding the tournament will be posted there.
Make sure to set your nickname to your osu username using “-verify <"username"> <country code>”
EG: -verify "TheRealPancake" MK

Profile badge (TBD)
rom btw
Name: rom btw
Rank: #26544
Timezone: CET (GMT+1)
Discord: rom#5831
Name: rip s
Rank: #40000
Timezone: GMT +2
Discord: funi#6969
Name: Stan
Rank: 23396
Time zone: UTC-4
Discord: Stan#2079
Name: Dgafecb
Rank: #34935
Time zone : UTC-5
Discord: Dgafecb#5258
Name: abateur
Rank: #16583
Time zone : UTC +1
Discord: abateur#3195
Name: FabriLovesYou
Rank: #17772
Time zone: UTC-8
Discord: Fabri#6749
Name: Maestro33
Rank: #45133
Time zone : MSK
Discord: Alternate .#1338
Name: Thore
Rank: #26,912
Time zone : UTC-6
Discord: Thore#9242
Name: Sweedy
Rank: #16124
Time zone : PST
Discord: Sweedy#1361
Name: Bakugo-
Rank: #15502
Timezone: UTC+2
DC: baku#9736
Name: -Cubey-
Rank: #26792
Timezone: GMT+2
Discord: -Cubey-#1099
Name: Nao Kamiya
Rank: #22871
Time zone : EST
Discord: RiShu#3563
Name: Deisu
Rank: 26742 (11-01-2020)
Time zone:UTC+1
Discord: Deisu#4825
Name: Linkolt
Rank: #13 018
Timezone: UTC+3
Discord: Evil#9912
Name: - GYGY -
Rank: #21586
Timezone: UTC+1
Discord: GYGY_.TFF#3563
Name: _Dead_Push_
Rank: #33 770
Timezone: UTC+3
Discord: down#8827
Name: Light_Warrior
Rank: #43351
Time zone : UTC+3
Discord: Light_Warrior#6855
Name: Riffee
Rank: #30187
Time zone: UTC +3
Discord: Riffee#8616
Name: wilson9909
Rank: #13336
Time zone : UTC+8
Discord: wilson9909#4804
Name: GastonGL
Rank: #14,404
Time zone : UTC-3
Discord: Gaston#5659
Name: DonikoForever
Rank: #24,823
Time zone: UTC-+3
Discord: -Pelmen'#1813
Name: KaiWhen
Rank: #14724
Time zone: UTC
Discord: KaiWhen#9072
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