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The combined talents of Rustam Mansurov and James Peacock, Magnetude is a two-man electronic producer project with a penchant for elevating the classical drum 'n bass sound into new domains. Fusing their collective music backgrounds into something wholly new, Magnetude is renowned for their orchestral and operatic narrative-infused twists upon one of electronic music's most beloved subgenres, creating tracks that are equal part journey and dance floor crowdmovers.

Magnetude was explored in osu! first by Asonate with a storyboarded, high-difficulty single difficulty for Broken back in 2018. Later forays by Firebool with their collaborative set for Signals, becoming something of a cult classic with nearly half a million plays by mid 2020 and producing testimonies from users summed up best by one alone: "this song kinda slaps u know".

Mappers fond of electronic music tinged with distinct narrative themes and a gritty fusion of Anglo-Russian influences favoring longer track lengths genuinely have little further to look.