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Indisputable rhythm game legend xi is here to stay. Traversing the scene throughout numerous games from Cytus, to SOUND VOLTEX, DEEMO, maimai and more, xi's piano-dense artcore and signature instrumentation has become an absolute mainstay of the rhythm gaming genre without compromise, and with over ten years of composition experience behind it all, it's hardly surprising.

There are very few osu! players alive who have not heard the revered name of xi, be it from 2012's timeless classic FREEDOM DiVE or its similarly vaunted successor Blue Zenith. Without doubt, xi commands a permanent place in osu!'s history and culture with his work, and it is almost certain that his legacy will be sung (and played) upon circles, taiko drums, plates of fruit, and key arrangements of various numbers for decades to come.

World Fragments
Quietus Ray
Evolved Chronicles
AD-Nearly 180