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Akira Complex

Melting brains in the rhythm game music scene since forever ago, Akira Complex was a widely acclaimed American producer considered a mainstay in the Japanese EDM scene. A regular fixture in many of KONAMI's extremely popular rhythm game series (such as Dance Dance Revolution, beatmania IIDX, Sound Voltex, pop'n music and more), their wild popularity spanned across dozens of franchises and even breached into other forms of media with their work for esteemed companies like TRIGGER Inc. and Red Bull Media House. They also performed extensively live, appearing in S2TBTANOC during both 2016 and 2017, and appearing at Bassment Tribe Vol. 4 at MOGRA in 2016.

Explosively high-energy and prone to shredding stages with twisted basslines, vicious acid synths and a sound bordering on the gleefully chaotic, Akira Complex embodied all of that classic twitchy rhythm gaming sound that we hold so dear, all cranked up high enough to bend reality. Mappers who enjoy engaging with more classic tracks in the time-honored EDM staple will find an abundance of sound both familiar and fresh in their lineup.

We miss them immensely.

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