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osu!taiko veteran ptar124 has gone from digital drumming to... well, still digital drumming, but now via their own original music! Inspired by faces that any rhythm game player would recognise, like Soleily, Tatsh, Triodust, Sampling Masters MEGA, Ice, and a dozen more, ptar124's trance/hardcore sound with a fantasy twist is a unique treat with flavour that rhythm game players undoubtedly crave.

While ptar124 is undoubtedly a capable osu!taiko player, their debut in our World Cups comes from their works as a composer: aqua vitae and Ad infinitum ~ein sof~ in TWC 2024! That tournament experience extends to community tournaments as well, seen through ptar124's original songs for GTS, AxS, and NTJ.

My pipe dream back in 2017 was for this community to hold a BMS of Fighters-like event where upstart composers team up with mappers and illustrators for some kind of popular-vote-based mapping contest. I feel like we're at a turning point where the community of player-turned-composers are big enough for this to actually be a viable and just need a catalyst in the form of a prominent community member to gravitate towards. That sounds like it would be a lot of fun!


The Arcanists' Heist of 739 Magia Era
AmbidextrouS ~The Alchemist of The Left x The Sage of The Right~
OCTAGRAM ~Dai Happyaku Hachijuu Hachi Ji Makai Taisen~
aqua regia
aqua vitae
Ad infinitum ~ein sof~