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From osu!mania player to full flavour music producer, Akiri is the mastermind behind a new wave of grandiose and highly complex aural creations. Inspired by the likes of Virtual Riot, the ever-present Camellia, and tons of old orchestral pieces, Akiri's sound is a conglomeration that perfectly suits the realm of rhythm games.

Here on osu!, Akiri debuted in osu!'s World Cups through the commissioned tiebreaker Symphony Of The Lost Souls, showcasing 7 minutes of monumental diversity. That's only one of Akiri's songs though — the rest of their massive osu! library is equally as impressive, exploring every niche an osu! mapper could be looking to fill. Stay chuned for everything else Akiri cooks up in the future!

Your Moms EP
Your Last Breath EP
The Lost Symphonies
Dreamless Wanderers
Blocko ET