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From SOUND VOLTEX to the beatmania series to Arcaea, GROOVE COASTER, maimai, Taiko no Tatsujin, and... maybe we'll hold off on listing every game t+pazolite has been involved in. t+pazolite can be found everywhere throughout the rhythm game world, and that finally includes osu! too.

Since debuting in 2004, t+pazolite has been continuously mastering his craft. While hardcore music is his bread and butter, he's well known to explore all sorts of genres, gaining a reputation for variety that's practically unparalleled in the music game scene.

t+pazolite's sound has undoubtedly shaped the osu! landscape, whether that be through iconic maps like cheatreal and Call me it. (500 Tortures), or simply through their profound inspiration on countless other artists in the field.

Welcome t+pazolite to our Featured Artists!

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