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Since 2018, doujin electronic producer Kou! (a.k.a. 碧音コウ) has crafted tunes under an undefined style — primarily based around the fusion of "high-speed dubstep" and J-core, but also includes inspirations from various other genres such as hitech, chiptune, oriental, uptempo hardcore, speedcore and much more, calling the amalgamation of several of these genres into one song as "mechakuchacore". As of 2022 onwards, Kou! often uses different aliases according to these genres under their pseudo-label KASOKUKI:Collective.

Kou!'s sound provides the ideal template for tech masterpieces. Their work Sanzui was created specifically for an osu!taiko tournament, and a number of their other works have found a home in the Ranked section across every game mode. Without a doubt, Kou! knows exactly what the osu! community is looking for.