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Hardcore and breakcore composer Supire (known as Spire until 2020) has been collecting an ever-growing supply of melancholic tunes since 2015. Emblematic of a distinct style contrasting high speed with delicate design, Supire's tracks showcase a wide range of capabilities within his own electronic subgenre. While he began production in Japan, Supire has recently managed to gain traction worldwide, highlighted by overseas labels like LA ZONE, Prototypes Records, and Mozyk.

Supire's sound first debuted on osu! through Somnambulism, an unorthodox breakcore song matched by unconventional mapping, and the mark of a growing trend for Supire beatmaps. Followed later by insanely difficult marathon beatmaps like Aquaphilia for drum bashers and Forgotten Hate for circle clickers, Supire has already earned a reputation among osu! players.

otonikki vol. 3
Twilight EP
Old Works
Howling EP