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Krimek might ring a bell for more than just their music. As an avid osu! mapper and former player involved in countless contests and tournaments since 2013, Krimek recently expanded their repertoire of skills to include their own subset of electronic music production. Ranging from breakcore and hardcore to techno and drum 'n' bass, Krimek's sound has reached across the spectrum over the last two years, all showing a passion for emotion, experimentation, and of course, rhythm game styles.

Krimek's music has found its way to various corners of the osu! world already. From full difficulty spreads like Gravity Hole or Idyllic World to custom tournament beatmaps like The Dark, it's clear that Krimek's osu! experience has led to a clear understanding of how to create music loved by the osu! community. If you're searching for tracks inspired by major names like Supire, Taishi, and our very own Camellia, Krimek has you covered.