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While Andora has been producing new-age pop/EDM tracks for nearly 10 years, they've only recently begun to be noticed by the osu! world. In mid-2020, their track Dawn (feat. Such) ushered in a new phase for Andora, prioritizing J-pop tunes alongside familiar vocalists in the independent music scene.

Here on osu!, Andora's legacy began with a couple of beatmaps: Euphoria (feat. WaMi) for circle clickers and Flicker (feat. RANASOL) for piano smashers. Both tunes exemplify Andora's low-tempo yet high-energy style that mappers (namely you) have been craving.

Goodbye Yesterday (feat. Jakusansei)
Flicker (feat. RANASOL)
Flashback (feat. RANASOL)
Euphoria (feat. WaMi)
Delusion (feat. juu)
Dawn (feat. Such)