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cygnus (also known as Matrix here on osu!) is an American producer residing in the heart of Tokyo, Japan. Inspired by old-school rhythm game music producers like our very own -45, onoken, and SHIKI, cygnus's tracks pull from the early days of BOF events, both in terms of sample choices and composition style, bringing a pioneering era of electronic music production back into the present.

Like many of you, cygnus's initial exposure to rhythm game musicians came through osu!. As a player, cygnus reached rank #700 in 2019 with an unconventional speed and AR11 oriented skillset, while as a mapper, he's ranked 23 maps in the last half-decade (including some of his own music!). With his debut album Cry for the Infinity released at the end of last year and an ever-growing library of new tracks, prepare your ears for an onslaught of cygnus.

The Evolution of War
Cry for the Infinity