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When designing a beatmap, a mapper dissects every aspect of a song. That's why it only makes sense how a beatmapper like Down could develop an interest in music production too!

Down's first steps into music production came for the A Labour of Love beatmapping contest, where he made a joke remix for the classic Kuba Oms - My Love. He's since branched out from memes into every genre under the sun, taking influence from different composers and designing primarily Touhou arrangements in all sorts of styles.

In true beatmapper fashion, Down is fascinated by complex rhythms, and composed songs like Ekoro (yes, that's the name of the song), which have gained a lot of traction among gimmick-oriented players and pros alike. Being well-integrated in the osu! scene, Down has also had his music featured in massive tournaments like Corsace, The Perennial, and our very own osu! World Cup 2022. If you ever wondered how a mapper interprets music, now's the time to find out.