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Japanese doujin music circle Minstrel has been at the forefront of rock arrangements for video game songs since 2009. Their first album debuted in Comiket 77, showcasing a collection of Touhou arrangements, and since then, Minstrel has produced a massive library of both arrangements and original works.

osu! first encountered Minstrel in 2015 through
Yotogibanashi no Kamikakushi
as one of the game's most difficult maps for the time. Since then, this map has amassed over 3 million plays and more of Minstrel's music has found its way to osu!'s Ranked section. Sporting a style that suits anyone who loves high intensity and rock instrumentation, Minstrel is going to be a mapping favorite long into the future.

Yotogibanashi no Kamikakushi
Minstrel vs BLANKFIELD 2
Minstrel Demo Vol. 4
Hopeless Desire
Hana ni Yuumei Yoru ni Murasaki
Ano Hi no Shinkirou