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Toshinori Hiramatsu launched SWORD OF JUSTICE in 2002 as a solo project, showcasing his passion for the guitar and game music from the 80's and 90's. His music is best known for its classic rock sound with intense guitar solos, featuring captivating vocalists that round out each track. With a style that seamlessly blends various influences, SWORD OF JUSTICE continues to impress and fascinate fans of the genre decades later.

SWORD OF JUSTICE is a relic here on osu!, first being introduced to the game through a simple beatmap of Happy Birthday in 2009. Since then, Adinda has reintroduced SWORD OF JUSTICE's sound to circle clickers through Glacial Blaze and Asmodeus, rooting SWORD OF JUSTICE's new sound in osu!. Being new or old doesn't matter in this case though — Toshinori Hiramatsu's guitar capabilities are timeless.

Silver Wings
Beyond the Darkness