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Finnish band Whispered presents their own twist on death metal by combining symphonic composition styles with a Japanese samurai-inspired aesthetic. Drawing inspiration from counltess metal legends along with Japanese folk, films, and music, the band revolves their songs around Japanese mythology and Bushido, a moral code that loosely translates to "the way of the warrior". With three albums under their belt and tours across Europe and Japan, Whispered is a name that anyone in the metal world can recognize, especially applicable to those who overlap with osu!.

osu!taiko introduced Whispered to osu! in 2016 through Kappa, leading to an onslaught of Loved and Ranked beatmaps in the following years. In osu! specifically, Whispered made its impact in the highest tier of gameplay, focused on insane stream-oriented beatmapping that frequently reached the upper 7-star range. Despite their difficulty, Whispered's songs leave ample room for lower difficulty construction as well, opening doors to all kinds of mappers.

Thousand Swords
Shogunate Macabre