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Hailing from the Russian Federation, tieff is both a music producer and a highly cherished member of the osu!community, sporting over 10 years of tenure in each, and even a lengthy stint in the old Beatmap Appreciation Team.

Instrumental in the early mapping scene, much of tieff's mapping design and musical approach has been classically described as 'groundbreaking', placing him squarely in a list of earlier beatmapping mavericks alongside names such as James, Al-Azif, Alace, lesjuh and happy30.

Having produced music in a variety of genres, tieff is no stranger to the particulars of musical composition, sporting a wide history of tracks in classic piano, instrumental hip-hop, chillout, future garage, melodic dubstep and even progressive trance. Citing his love for beatmapping as one of the primary motivators for his work, tieff stands among the first generation of musicians to have osu! as a founding inspiration for their creative pursuits in the domain.

Sporting a slower, pensive pace compared to many other musicians revered in osu!'s mapping scene, tieff's sound requires a great deal of finesse and care to navigate, but skilled mappers will find no shortage of rhythmic and melodic leads to latch upon. Highly emotive, much of tieff's work draws on broad, sentimental airs, making it a natural choice for mappers who wish to explore concept and visual accompaniment within their beatmaps.