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Slamming out melodic black/death metal tunes since 2001, WINTERHORDE is a long-standing metal band with a passion for anything and everything involving blast beats. Throughout their 20+ year journey, WINTERHORDE has released three studio albums and performed live at various metal-focused festivals, along with their own European tour! After a six year hiatus, the band has made a comeback with their newest single The Greatest Plague of Earth, teasing the creative mastery they're putting into their next full album.

WINTERHORDE's bread and butter is high-tempo and high-intensity metal, so anyone could predict how their music translates to osu! mapping: streams, streams, and more streams. Oriented towards the highest echelon of osu! players, beatmaps of WINTERHORDE are a spectacle for most and a raw factor for circle clicker capabilities for the remaining few. If you think you can handle it, WINTERHORDE is patiently waiting.

Underwatermoon NEW
The Greatest Plague of Earth NEW
Maestro NEW